No shell scripts run on X start/end

gnome-session does not seem to run any of the standard shell scripts,
such as .bash_profile, .profile, .login, after logging in. When logging
out, .bash_logout or .logout don't work either.
I use Debian 2.2r3 with GNOME/Enlightenment.
.xsession-errors shows the following:

Eesh cannot connect to the display nominated by
your shell's DISPLAY environment variable. You may set this
variable to indicate which display name Enlightenment is to
connect to. It may be that you do not have an Xserver already
running to serve that Display connection, or that you do not
have permission to connect to that display. Please make sure
all is correct before trying again. Run an Xserver by running
xdm or startx first, or contact your local system
administrator, or Xserver vendor, or read the X, xdm and
startx manual pages before proceeding.

Neither gnome-session nor eesh have man pages under Debian. What should
I do? Which shell scripts are run my gnome-session? Please CC your
response to me, as I'm not subscribed to the mailing list.
Cyrille Artho - - Tel. +41 - [0]1 - 632 09 88
Science would be superfluous if the outward appearance
and the essence of things directly coincided.
		-- Karl Marx

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