Gnome, sound and Solaris SunRay

Hi there,
We're using Gnome 1.2 on Solaris 8 through SunRay's (terminals).
Now we have something which will direct the sound. And whoever is the 1st user on  the server to login (which is usually me) gets the sound (for everyone that is).
Now how would I need to adjust in the configuration so that when a user logs on, a new esd (sound server) is started for him on another port? And what do I need to do to make sure that all applications this user will start will know to put the sound to that port (or is that something which will be handled automaticly?)
PS reason why not yet on Gnome 1.4 : Waiting for Ximian to release it. I know Sun released it but in Nautilus it stated something like pre-release etc... and I did not want to explain to my management that it's not supported by SUN but that the open community support rocks.

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