no sound

just an update:

my previous message stating sound isn't working possibly due to badly
burned cd is still true but I have this info as well hoping this might
help someone assist me further:

upon trying to load one of my webpages I get:

SNDCTL_DSP_SETFRAGMENT:Inappropriate ioctl for device
/dev/dsp: Inappropriate ioctl for device
Couldn't open Enlightened Sound daemon ('e')

i understand about last line just not first two..albeit one other time i
started something from command-line and whatever I was trying to start
kept trying to switch to a different sample rate and giving up
........somehow i'm guessing a file important to playing sound is
damaged? from that bad cd i inserted...

also licq can't play sounds because its says:
sox: Unable to reset OSS driver.  Possibly accessing an invalid

thank you..

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