GDM problems

Hi all,
I installed GDM on an Acer laptop with Mandrake 7.2 and Ximian
Gnome 1.4. At the moment I can only boot in Failsafe Gnome, because GDM
ignores its own entry for Gnome; I noticed that after a reboot it isn't
executable (it's supposed to be, right?) any more, which is why it's
ignored (I guess). Chmod-ing it only lasts till next reboot. Any ideas?

BTW, my compliments to the current GDM maintainer/programmer: the
program works fine (except for the problem described above), it's much
more stable and the configuration program is a really nice addition, it
only misses the opportunity to choose "faces" for individual users.


Roberto Rosselli Del Turco      e-mail:	rosselli cisi unito it
Dipartimento di Scienze			rosselli ling unipi it
del Linguaggio			Then spoke the thunder	DA
Universita' di Torino		Datta: what have we given?  (TSE)
  Hige sceal the heardra,     heorte the cenre,
  mod sceal the mare,       the ure maegen litlath.  (Maldon 312-3)

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