Pilot Conduits

My system is Red Hat 7.1, just so you know.

Anyway obviously when you do this fresh install in the Gnome Control
Center there are no choices of conduits to allow sync of the Gnome
Address Book and Calendar with a Palm Pilot's address and calendar.
However after you install the Ximian Gnome version two more pilot
conduits appear allowing just such actions.
So I looked at my system, and I am trying to recall this from memory at
the moment, and found through GnoRPM Ximian packages for Gnome 1.4 PIM
and a Gnome 1.4 conduits. After doing a query on the 1.4 conduits it
appears that this is the package that added the two extra conduits
mentioned above. However I looked through the Gnome site, and then
through Ximian's files and cannot find the 1.4 conduit file in any
So I wanted to ask if this package is part of another package, such as
the Ximian 1.4 PIM, a separate package, which is what it appears to me,
or something else I am missing?
I am asking because I would like to have these conduits in place for a
regular non Ximian Gnome package.


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