Re: Tuning GTK widgets to suit low res TV output

* Stephen Davies <steve daviesfam org> [01-07-06 17:25]:
> Hi,


> But, as you probably know, TV displays are very poor quality.  Standard
> GTK widgets are too small, fonts are too small, and fine details lead to
> flicker due to interlace.  Results are not good!

The main menubar size can be changed with the font size that should be
no problem. The other widgets: I believe there are engines, that can
change size of the scrollbar for example (you have to edit the gtkrc)
and other widgets.

> Can anyone point me to some suitable theme - at least a starting point?

I think XenoStep (engine) is able to change some widgets, but perhaps a
pixmap engine theme really would be the best.

Version: 3.1
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