genome clutters the log file

Hi, all
When I was sanning through the log file, I found the following
entries which are recorded several times a day:
Apr 26 11:45:59 raw gnome-name-server[16003]: starting
Apr 26 11:45:59 raw gnome-name-server[16003]: name server starting
Apr 26 11:46:53 raw named[1784]: reloading nameserver
Apr 26 11:46:53 raw named[1784]: Forwarding source address is

I am sure that the name server was never started manually. What's more, I
noticed the following logs, which also appear serveral times a day:
NSTATS 988307486 987447347 A=2383 CNAME=92 SOA=320 MX=249 TXT=1 AAAA=12
Apr 26 13:51:26 raw named[1784]: XSTATS 988307486 987447347 RR=56 RNXD=0
RFwdR=12 RDupR=2 RFail=0 RFErr=0 RErr=0 RAXFR=0 RLame=0 ROpts=0 SSysQ=42
SAns=3136 SFwdQ=0 SDupQ=5 SErr=0 RQ=3134 RIQ=2 RFwdQ=0 RDupQ=0 RTCP=0
SFwdR=12 SFail=0 SFErr=0 SNaAns=82 SNXD=4 RUQ=0 RURQ=0 RUXFR=0 RUUpd=0
Apr 26 14:47:16 raw identd[18161]: request_thread: read(11, ..., 1023)
failed: Connection reset by peer
Apr 26 14:51:26 raw named[1784]: Cleaned cache of 0 RRsets

It seems that bind statistics are dumped to the logs on a regular basis.
Is there anyway to turn off this feature in genome?


Alan Jiang
Rutgers Accounting REsearch Center

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