gnome calendar bug(s)

Since I already posted a bug report concerning this some time ago, and
was subsequently informed that it was a duplicate of another bug report,
I'm going to just throw out a random question (or two) to this list...

Is there any active development, or at least bug-squashing on the gnome
calendar, or are all current efforts focused on Evolution?  I think it's
been since Gnome 1.4 came out (or at least Ximian's versions of it) that
the gnome calendar just crashes randomly after running for a day or so. 
I've even tried removing all my old gnome config files and directories,
and starting over from scratch, just in case there was some conflict
with old config files, but the bug persists.

This is unacceptable for a >= 1.0 version of software (I realize that
the version information output by gnomecal is the version of Gnome used,
not necessarily that of gnomecal, but how else am I supposed to
determine what the software version is?).  I, and I'm sure many others
out there, really need a reliable calendar program capable of sending
email alarms, among other things.  Ical just doesn't have the
functionality required of a modern calendar/scheduling application.

I apologize for using this as a gripe forum, I really do appreciate the
benefits and difficulties associated with open-source software
development.  If it were a case of missing functionality, I would
certainly take the initiative to contribute to the cause (or keep my
mouth shut), but this is a case where something that was once not only
functional, but apparently very robust, has become totally unusable.

Has anybody else had these problems, or am I alone?  Is there a decent
alternative to gnomecal or ical appropriate for everyday office use?  I
used the Gnome Calendar for over a year without a single problem before
the newest version of Gnome was released, and quite enjoyed it, but at
this point I really need something more reliable for my day-to-day
business, and sadly, Evolution, for all its promise and hope, is still
rather far from even a "beta" release.

I'm using RH-7.1 (Intel) with the most up-to-date (as of Monday morning,
via RedCarpet) Ximian Gnome installation.


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