Strange focus behavior

  I love Gnome, but the GUI has some strange behaviors that makes me nervous. I'm using Ximian Gnome 1.4.
For example, supose there are two openned applications, none of then maximazed, supose then I open a menu of the first application but not select any option of the menu, just leave the nenu oppened. Then, supose I can see the menu bar of the second application. If move the mouse to the second application and click over the other menu bar, it takes me three clicks to open the menu of the second application. The first click close the menu of the first application, the second gives the focus to the second application window, and only the third open the menu of the second application. Why the GUI has this strange behavior ? I tought it could be the window manager, so I've tried the TWM, but it saves me only one click... I've checked the focus options, and none of the helped...
  Any help ?
Thanks in advance,

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