Re: gnome feature or Ximian feature ?


I don't know if anyone answered your question yet, but... 

> On the gnome logout dialog box, with my new setup I have only two choices :
> logout or not ("Do you really want to logout ? yes or No"). With my old
> setting more choices were available : LogoutYesNo and halt/shutdown the
> machine.
> I can't find where/how to enable this. I'va had a quick look at the
> gnome-core code and I've not find code related to halt/shutdown in the
> logout dialog box.
> So my question is : Is this a feature added by Ximian and not integrated in
> the gnome source ?

I remember reading somewhere that the halt/shutdown option will automatically appear if the current user has permission to excute halt or shutdown.  Having never tried this, I don't know if it is actaully right or not... my computer rarely gets turned off.

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