Re: Making Menus "Mac-like"

mawarkus t-online de (2001-07-08 at 2258.21 +0200):
> latest release of KDE. Those guys are pretty sharp.) Other problems:
> the Mac bar only makes sense when you're using click-to-focus,
> otherwise you've got to serpentine around other windows so you can
> reach the actual menus you want; and it only makes sense if every
> application uses it.

Thanks to the freedom systems provide (you know, "configurability
sucks" [1]), you can create a "focus follows 'dead' mouse", if the mouse
is moving fast, focus is not changed, if it slows down or stops, then
it changes. John Kodis coded stop-focus for SF and posted it to
Sawfish list as "Re: Bugs and Features" in 2001 01 09 (I can repost
the file if people wants).

> absolutely OK for you. But maybe you'd like to hack some support for
> the Mac bar into GNOME (getting it right, of course)?

I think someone already tried that and was not accepted due API
changes or schedules or something like that. If he is reading it,
please try to make it an option for GNOME 2.0.

[1]: Bad defaults suck. Lots of options just make more things
possible, aka more happy users.

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