Printing in Gnome via the serial port

I'm new to the list so please be gentle. ;']

I have Red Hat 7, with Gnome installed. I don't know what version right off hand.

I'm trying to setup my Linux box to print over any/all of the possible ports. The only port I haven't figured out is the Serial port. I'm printing to a Lexmark Laser printer so the language isn't a concern.

The main thing I need to know is how to setup Gnome <or RH linux> to print over the serial port. I've been told that Com1 's Linux equivalent is ttyS0. How do I set the baud,parity, and data bits? For what I'm wanting to do with the serial port I need to be able to change these to match the printer.

I appreciate any help you can give me! even pointing me to the correct how-to would help.


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