Re: I want comments about procman

First off, procman is really quite nice, I'm impressed how quickly it is
being developed.  I think gtop is also needed, I like some of its more
graphics heavy reports, but a simple, clean Procman is definitely a
must.  Thanks.  One thing that I notice could use a little cleanup is
the columns width defaults.  I notice that it remembers how i arranged
the widths for the next time i run procman, but when I first ran it, the
Process Name coluns was set too narrow to read names.  Same goes for the
memory maps dialogue and the filename column.  Thanks for this program
though, its looking good.


On 08 Jul 2001 18:21:20 -0400, Kevin Vandersloot wrote:
> Hello all. I just released procman version 0.6. For those of you who
> don't know, procman is a simpler easier to use replacement for gtop. It
> has some nice features that gtop doesn't have such as icons for
> processes and the ability to show process dependencies as a tree view.
> You can see the reasoning for writing this application in the gnome-love
> mailing list archives.
> What I want to know is if there are any features of gtop that you think
> are a must have. I don't want to put a million features in the
> application as it is supposed to remain easy to use and simple, but I
> would like to know what people would like to have. 
> Hope to hear from you,
> Kevin
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