Re: why my screen in confusion??

On Tue, Jan 16, 2001 at 03:46:15AM +0800 or thereabouts, Weffen Chueng wrote:
> Hello ,
> i am a chinese girl and it is not a long time to use redhat linux...
> I have a starnge problem when i installed RedHat 7.0.
> when i startx, and run Genome, it will:
> 1) first, i found one more task panel was painted on the top of the
> screen;

I'm not sure what a task panel is. Perhaps you mean the menu panel,
a very thin panel which has some menus on it, which appears at the
top of the screen in some versions of Gnome. I don't remember it
being on by default in RH 7.0, but you can remove it by right-clicking
on it and selecting Panel->Remove this panel. 

> 2) when i move a window, the window cannot repaint at the proper
> position, and the screen will be confused more and more....

This sounds like a problem with the Xserver rather than Gnome. You
would probably need to provide more information such as what video
card you have, what X server you are trying to use, the contents of
/etc/X11/XF86Config,  and the output of "rpm -q XFree86 XFree86-libs".

gnome-list is probably the wrong place for X questions. There is a
"newbie" mailing list for "help for newcomers to XFree96" advertised
on I am not on the list,
but there seem to be several "I am trying to get X to work after
installing distribution foo"-style messages in the archives. 


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