FW: GNOME setup question

> Hello:
> I have a question about GNOME that seems somewhat trivial, but I have not
> been able to solve it.  Our lab recently got a LINUX box with Red Hat
> Linux 7.0 and GNOME pre-installed.  When I boot up the machine, I get the
> GNOME screen, but the cursor does not work.  More accurately, the cursor
> is invisible--that is, I can highlight things by moving the mouse around,
> and activate them by clicking, but there is no visible arrow or other
> symbol indicating the cursor's position.  The cursor works fine in other
> applications (e.g., setup screens). 
> I called the company that sold us the computer, and after the
> representative and I tried a number of things, he said that issue was with
> GNOME--specifically, that the cursor contrast had to be adjusted.  I have
> checked out documentation at the gnome.org website, and saw things on
> setting font and screen color, but nothing on cursor properties.  I've
> glanced at some of the postings on GNOME Gnotices at news.gnome.org, and
> am wondering if the problem actually lies in Sawfish.  In any event, I was
> wondering how I might fix this problem.
> Thanks,
> Peter

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