Re: gnome for Solaris x86?

one helpful tip: dont try to use sun's cc (even forte 6) kuz its way more anal than gcc about types, function definitions, etc. long story, but i seem to have to rewrite some of the code so forte will compile it. but hey, i have a really nice optimization string now, so im happy.

At 11:41 PM 1/3/2001 +0000, John Gluck wrote:
Dustin Cavanaugh wrote:

> I give up! I tried for about a week to successfully compile gnome from source
> code ... not an exercise I want to repeat. Has anyone successfully compiled
> gnome for Solaris 2.8 x86 and are they willing to share the binaries?
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I didn't do this for Solaris but for an X86 Linux so I understand your pain.
This is not a trivial task.

Unfortunately there is no integrate source and build package available.
I also built KDE 2 and other than it took a long time to compile, it was
relatively easy to do.


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