Re: Dual Monitors

I don't know what a gnome 4.0.1 is (probably Red Hat screwing with the number
to cause confusion) but here's my setup

Tyan S1836DLUAN with 2 PIIIs
256Megs RAM
Matrox G400Max
2 monitors (a 19in and a 17in)

Kernel 2.4.0 SMP
Xfree86 4.01c with driver downloaded from matrox.
Gnome whatever was current in the source trees when I FTPed a couple of weeks
Window manager Enlightenment.

Everything compiled from source.

Gnome was written to use single screens. I have gotten it to work with dual
screens using Enlightenment. It's not perfect but it works.

I can easily do the xinerama thing but I don't like it.


Paul Wessel wrote:

> Dear list-
> I have browsed the FAQ but am unable to solve this problem:
> I have RH7 running on a Dell with a Matrox 400 dual-output card
> running Gnome 4.0.1.  Following advice I have tried startx -- +xinerama
> but the 2nd monitor receives no signal at all.  I have two Dell 17" LCD
> panels that can do 1280x1024 native resolution and would like to use
> both with Linux, either as a giant 2560x1024 screen or as 2 separate
> screens.  It is not clear if GNome will let me do that or if I must pay and
> install Accelerated X.  Any advice will be much appreciated.
> Sincerely,
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