Can't start GNOME programs


If I want to start a GNOME program I get this error message:
ba lisa:~ >gnomecc 
** WARNING **: Could not get name service!

** ERROR **: file goad.c: line 1237 (goad_server_register): assertion failed: (name_server != CORBA_OBJECT_NIL)
When I try some other GNOME apps, some do crash and some don't. 'giskfree'
and 'gmix' work, but 'galeon' crashes. 
If I run GNOME programs as root, everything works fine. I don't know why
I have this problem, because it all worked fine until yesterday.
I have a Debian Woody, my gnome-config says my gnome-libs are 1.2.8,
GTK is also 1.2.8. Pure GTK apps work.
Does anybody know this problem?

Thanks Andras
The sticker on the side of the box said "Supported Platforms: Win 95,
Win NT 4.0 or better", so clearly Linux was a supported platform.	 

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