upgrade lost window border

I'm running debian with unstable helix-gnome. Yesterday I did apt-get
upgrade and now there is no grabbar at the top of my sawfish windows (ie,
no close button, etc.) When I go to the control panel and select window
manager, the button for 'configure sawfish' does nothing. I used to be
able to move windows by holding down the left-windows key but no more.
Mouse menus no longer exist.

If I select debian at the login and then run sawfish the window grab bar
is back, the mouse menus are back and I can move windows with the
windows-key and a mouse button.

There was an error window (and .gnome-errors has a line) about there not
being a gnome compliant window manager. If that's the problem why did
helix-gnome (or should that be ximian-gnome?) send me a non-compliant

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