Re: gnome-print not found by gnome-config

On Mon, 15 Jan 2001, Anthony E . Greene wrote:

> I install gnome-print 0.25 using the Helix RPM on my RH6.2 box. Yet when I
> attempt to build any app that depends on gnome-print, it fails. The specific
> failure is related to this gnome-config error message:
>   Unknown library `print'
> What files does gnome-config look for when looking for gnome-print? I
> installed GNOME using the basic RH6.2 RPMs, then upgraded with Helix RPMs,
> and my gnome-config starts like this:
> [...] 
> What do I need to change so that gnome-config will find the gnome-print
> libraries?

I suppose you don't have installed the devel packages for gnome-print.
This contains which will be installed in `gnome-config
--libdir`. The gnome-config script looks there for additional modules like
the print library.


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