Re: Project management tools for Linux, preferrably w/ GNOME UI

Noah Roberts <jik foxinternet net> writes:

> I have tried Dome and Dia.  Both offer pretty good diagram creation
> with the ability to add more abilities.  Dia is easier to add to, but
> less powerful.  Dome has a nice GUI "programming language" you use to
> add more diagram stuff, but you still have to get into the smalltalk
> if you need to have different drawing patterns and such.
> Dia is more native to linux...especially in gnome.

There is also opensched (
which is a command line tool that creates GANTT charts and more based
on a "project description file" which is simply a text file.

> These are juct diagram softwares, for your gantt chart use a
> spreadsheet.  If you want real project management I am affraid your
> out of luck.  There is a project in the works at, maybe
> you would like to get involved.

Can you be more specific about the project at

Christian Egli
Switching Test Solutions AG an Acterna Company, Foerrlibuckstrasse 62, CH-8037 Zuerich

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