Xmodmap problems

Hi all. I'm having a problem with gnome not reading my .Xmodmap file. I
have a Logitech MouseMan Wheel, which has four buttons plus the wheel, and
so in order to get the scrolling working correctly, I have to remap my
mouse buttons so that the wheel is buttons 4 and 5. After putting all
the ZAxis stuff into my XF86Config, this is done by the command

xmodmap -e "pointer = 1 6 3 2 4 5"

if i issue this at a shell prompt after logging into gnome, it works fine,
and i have my buttons the way i want them. however, i can't seem to get
gnome to do it automatically. the normal way to do it would be to add a
line to my .Xmodmap saying the pointer stuff. In fact, this works if i log
into KDE. however, gnome seems to be ignoring my mapping, or remapping the
mouse after gnome-session gets executed. 

i have the call to xmodmap in my xinitrc, and i know that it is being
executed, because i added some echos around the call, and they show up in
my .xsession-errors.

Help!! i am absolutely stumped on what to do. is this a bug in gnome, or
do i need to be changing some gnome config script?


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