Re: GGV Testing, part 3

Manuel Clos wrote:
> I got and compiled it. It continues to happen, this time I even
> installed it to
> see if the problem was using it from the compilation directory, but no
> luck.
> I have attached a little screenshot. Notice that it is using Portrait
> while
> it should use Landscape. It should be centered on the Landscape paper.
> Installed ghostscript is: ghostscript-5.50-1
This seems to be the problem. I've used 5.10 from debian and it outputs DSC
for PDFs that include PageBoundingBox comments for each page. The output from
(from TL6.0 which I tried today at work) doesn't. And without any information on
document sizes in DSC file, I am unable to create properly sized window for GS
render to. does anybody how to overcome this problem?



email: jaka activetools si

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