Re: gnumeric hangs

On Sun, 14 Jan 2001, David Shochat wrote:
> When I try running gnumeric, it just hangs and after 15 seconds or so, I 
> get a little alert box that says:
> "gnumeric --sm-client-id <very long string of characters>
> No response to the SaveYourself command.
> The program may be slow, stopped, or broken.
> You may wait for it to respond or remove it.
> I click on the Remove Program button, but that just removes the alert 
> (the gnumeric process is still there and has to be killed separately). 
> So it neither kills nor removes it (what do they mean "remove" anyway?).

The gnome framework sends a "SaveYourself" signal to all running programs
at certain intervals. Every Gnome program should then save its current
state and settings. If you log out of gnome and login in later, all this
programs get started again with there saved settings (session management

If a program hangs (in this case Gnumeric) it doesn't respond to this
signal so the gnome framework pops up this alert box. The 'respond' and
'remove' options work on the internal list of running programs, which are
the ones to notify with the "SaveYourself" signal (so remove, removes
Gnumeric from the internal notification list of the session manager).  No
process gets killed by these actions.

Hope that clarifies the behaveiour a little bit.

To find out why Gnumeric hangs you should start it from a terminal and
look through the output messages.



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