Re: mouse wheel in Gtk+/Gnome

On Sun, Jan 14, 2001 at 11:02:00PM +0100, Herman Roozenbeek wrote:
> After updating to XFree86 4.0.2 (from 3.x.x), the wheel of my Logitech
> serial wheel mouse has ceased to work in GTK+/Gnome windows, even though I
> use the same setting in my XF86Config as before.

This is entirely your mouse config, should look like this:

Section "InputDevice"
	Identifier      "GPM Repeater"
	Driver          "mouse"
	Option          "CorePointer"
	Option          "Device"		"/dev/gpmdata"
	Option          "Protocol"		"IntelliMouse"
	Option		"Emulate3Buttons"	"true"
	Option		"ZAxisMapping"		"4 5"

Identifier can be whatever, as long as you're consistant.

Device in my case is /dev/gpmdata because I have chosen to use GPM's
repeater.  The mouse is actually /dev/input/mouse0 or /dev/input/mice (USB
HUD) which doesn't need GPM's repeater to work in console and X both
correctly, but I haven't switched over that part of the config.  It could
be /dev/psaux for you, in which case you will want IMPS/2 protocol.

Emulate3Buttons is not necessary.  It's there by default on my config and
I haven't cared to remove it yet.  

ZAxisMapping is the thing you need.

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