Re: Problem with Evolution 0.8 and Feature proposition


> > 
> > -> Being able to store identifiers of online presence programs (ICQ,
> > AIM, etc) and maybe being able to communicate with them from evolution.
> Once Gabber and/or Gaim become bonobized this will be possible, but
> we're waiting for those groups to do the work. We're already way
> overworked as it is.

>As you are overworked, how can one contribute? Or isn't this possible as
it is developed my HelixCode?

Yes, Evolution is being developed by (ex)HelixCode, but not exclusively (ie all
GPL/LGPL!).  Any contribution you could make would be welcomed.  Try the GNOME
developer site, to learn more, or the (ex)HelixCode web site, or might also be useful.
However this is not so much a Evolution thing (as Jeff said), as it is a Gabber or
Gaim thing (ie. an ICQ, or AIM messenger client). They know their plans, needs, etc.
- you should check out thier respective sites, download their software, mabye even
checkout some up-to-date code from cvs if you are interested.


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