Re: Thanks

Yes, I agree although I would add:

1) Gtk+ and GNOME

>From what I've seen and the sources I've browsed, the code is obviously
written by people who have the time and patience to make it easy to
develop. Not being hindered by market pressure, share prices or the
board of directors helps this. Whilst this `feature' certainly doesn't
make the code less complex, it makes updates and bug fixes far more

2) User Community

I think users who test and submit bugs (even if they can't or don't want
to fix them) from beta versions and stable versions deserve thanks as
well. Naturally it helps that the bugs get fixed and/or taken notice of
- instead of "yes, we know but we're working on our next release to make
more profits" - if noone reports the bugs or brings up new ideas then we
may as well have no developers. How can developers know where the bugs
are or what the community wants if the community doesn't speak?

Anyway, that's just what I have to say.


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