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I could not had said that better myself . . .
I second the motion  :)

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	I've been using Linux for a year and a half now and Gnome for
about a year.
In that time I've updated and compiled quite a few programs and am
always amazed at
how quickly bugs are fixed or features are added.
	I've also learned in that time just how complex an environment
Gnome is. Not
in the user sense but in the programming end of it. I'm not a
programmer, but I've
had plenty of chances to browse through source code, configurations and
and it simply boggles my mind all that is going on "behind the scenes".
	And anyone who spends the time reading these mailing lists will
soon realize
that the people who are wading hip deep in all this code are also taking
time to 
answer questions, post answers and fixes and generally help out mere
mortals like me.
What makes it even more astounding is that the majority are doing it for
	I find this humbling, all that the people who work on this thing
called Gnome
do to bring about a thing of beauty that I get to look at and work with
every day. 
	I know it's small comsolation, when you're trying to track down
an elusive
bug or add that killer feature that's so far got you considering the
effects of a 
jack hammer on your computer. But, for what it's worth, you have my
heart felt thanks.
For all that you do, Thank You.


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