Re: gnome-pilot fails to contact Palm

<quote who="Toralf Lund">

> I'm not sure it this is the right list for my question, but:

Neither am I, but I get to give you an answer for your question, and if
that's not a good enough reason, then what is? :)

> HotSync button, *Nothing* happens. - No connection, no error message (on
> the desktop, that is, I do get one on the Palm after a while), no sync
> log, nothing written to the system log.

gnome-pilot doesn't really give much away in terms of errors, but here's my
guess: You don't have permissions to read or write the serial ports.

For instance, on Debian, you must be added to the dialout group to use the
serial ports for anything -> check this out on your distro.

Hope that helps - it rocks when you get your Palm syncing up nicely. :)

- Jeff

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