Re: Gamma correction, icons, and GNOME

"Jeffrey W. Baker" <jwbaker acm org> writes:

> GNOME looks like ass when my monitor is adjusted correctly.  I do photo
> work, so I use xgamma to make my monitor's colors accurate.  For my
> monitor (and most PC monitors), is use a gamma of 2.5.
> When I do this, all my photo work is spot-on, but all my gnome icons are
> too light.  gdk-pixbuf needs to be able to read the gamma settings from
> the X server (using The VidMode extension?), read the gamma from the PNG
> icon files, and render the icons appropriately.

This is a known issue.  The idea is to define the data in a GdkPixbuf
to have a gamma of 1.0, so the image loaders would have to convert
from whatever gamma the file has.

Then, the rendering functions in GdkRGB would do the conversion to the
monitor's gamma.

So, we are taking patches :-)

> Secondly, the icons that are shipped with GNOME need to have their gamma
> encoded correctly.  Ideally, the icons should be composed and shipped with
> a gamma of 1.0.  Currently, they appear to have been composed at a monitor
> gamma of 2.2.  About half of the icons in GNOME 1.2 claim their gamma is
> 1, while the other half claim a gamma of 1/2.2, although they all have the
> same composition gamma (as far as I can tell).

I just forwarded this to the relevant people :-)


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