Gamma correction, icons, and GNOME

GNOME looks like ass when my monitor is adjusted correctly.  I do photo
work, so I use xgamma to make my monitor's colors accurate.  For my
monitor (and most PC monitors), is use a gamma of 2.5.

When I do this, all my photo work is spot-on, but all my gnome icons are
too light.  gdk-pixbuf needs to be able to read the gamma settings from
the X server (using The VidMode extension?), read the gamma from the PNG
icon files, and render the icons appropriately.

Secondly, the icons that are shipped with GNOME need to have their gamma
encoded correctly.  Ideally, the icons should be composed and shipped with
a gamma of 1.0.  Currently, they appear to have been composed at a monitor
gamma of 2.2.  About half of the icons in GNOME 1.2 claim their gamma is
1, while the other half claim a gamma of 1/2.2, although they all have the
same composition gamma (as far as I can tell).

What is the best way to straighten this situation out.  I know libpng is
perfectly capable of displaying gamma adjusted images.  What about


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