Re: [Off topic] Re: CD Burning....

jens-reimer t-online de writes:

> On  4 Jan, Bruce Stephens wrote:


> >The kernel doesn't store its configuration anywhere.  There have been
> >proposals to make this available in some /proc file somewhere, but I
> >don't think it's been done.  Your best bet is to look in
> >/usr/share/doc/<package name>, where <package name> is the name of the
> >kernel image package.  It may be that the configuration gets copied
> >there.  That would make lots of sense, anyway.
> Sure it stores its configuration.
> Try /usr/src/linux/.config

That's certainly where I'd expect to find it if I built my own kernel.
There's no guarantee that that's the same configuration as the kernel
that's actually being run at the time, of course (which was what the
/proc idea was for).

What do you do if you've got a kernel binary package?  Do Red Hat's
kernel image packages also provide /usr/src/linux/.config?


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