RE: gnome for Solaris x86?

>I give up! I tried for about a week to successfully compile gnome from source
>code ... not an exercise I want to repeat. Has anyone successfully compiled
>gnome for Solaris 2.8 x86 and are they willing to share the binaries?

I don't know how recently you got hold of Solaris 8_x86, but as of the Update 2 
(10/00) release, Gnome (including Enlightenment) and a load of other Freeware 
has been made available as part of the distribution.  The Companion CD has it 
all in standard Solaris Package format.

Update 3 (1/01) should be with us soon, and again that has very recent versions 
of all this stuff on the CD ready to install.  If you've just purchased Solaris 
8 it might be a little less palatable to buy the latest version just to get this 
free stuff, but it's an option.

I hope this helps,

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