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Most kernels are compiled with what is required to boot (driver) as part of the
Most everything else is compiled as modules and is available.
If you go to /lib/modules/version_of_your_kernel and look through the directories
there you'll find all the modules that were built for your kernl.
I know that isn't mucg good for the non-tchie types but....


Mart van de Wege wrote:

> Sean Murphy wrote:
> > Along this line, does anyone know how to find out what the distributed version
> > of the kernel is compiled with?  For example, I'm using whatever kernel RedHat
> > 7.0 installed for me and it seems to do most of what I need to be able to do,
> > minus the CD-RW stuff.  So naturally, I'd like to pull up how the kernel is
> > currently configured and just change the stuff mentioned below (and in the
> > CD-Writing HOWTO).  I don't know what a lot of the other kernel options are and
> > I don't want to end up with a kernel that doesn't work for me.
> >
> > So where can I get the configuration of the RedHat 7.0 kernel that I am
> > currently using?  After that, it seems like it would be pretty straightforward
> > to change the specific SCSI options, recompile, do the lilo stuff and be off
> > and running.
> >
> Sean,
> The way it always worked for me on both RH6.2 and Debian 2.2 is just cd
> to the source directory (if you're *not* on Debian that ought to be
> /usr/src/linux) and type 'make menuconfig' or 'make xconfig'. The config
> script will take your current values, ie the values your distributor
> built your kernel with, as default.
> Good Luck,
> Mart van de Wege
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