Re: CD Burning....

Sean Murphy wrote:

Along this line, does anyone know how to find out what the distributed version
of the kernel is compiled with?  For example, I'm using whatever kernel RedHat
7.0 installed for me and it seems to do most of what I need to be able to do,
minus the CD-RW stuff.  So naturally, I'd like to pull up how the kernel is
currently configured and just change the stuff mentioned below (and in the
CD-Writing HOWTO).  I don't know what a lot of the other kernel options are and
I don't want to end up with a kernel that doesn't work for me.

So where can I get the configuration of the RedHat 7.0 kernel that I am
currently using?  After that, it seems like it would be pretty straightforward
to change the specific SCSI options, recompile, do the lilo stuff and be off
and running.


The way it always worked for me on both RH6.2 and Debian 2.2 is just cd to the source directory (if you're *not* on Debian that ought to be /usr/src/linux) and type 'make menuconfig' or 'make xconfig'. The config script will take your current values, ie the values your distributor built your kernel with, as default.

Good Luck,

Mart van de Wege

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