Sorry everyone for not posting the solution about the screensaver problem
but I had to figure out exactly what the command was again, since I made
the change the day with a hangover. :-) I'm pretty well over it now,

Type xhost +localhost and put it into a xinitrc file or something like that
- though that isn't working exactly right now that I spend more time with
it. I have to type xhost +localhost in the terminal every time, but I'm
sure an experienced Linux user can soon tell us where to put this command.
Sorry about the holdup everyone. THAT WILL BE MY LAST MISTAKE OF THIS YEAR

I am still having problems running accelerated screensavers though, maybe
someone can help me with this? I am using Redhat 7.0, so I thought for sure
that I would have OpenGL/Mesa installed, yet I can't run any of these kind
of savers.

Thanks, and sorry....

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