Re: cable modem issue

Get a program called dhcpcd and compile/install it (if not already on your
Then, type the following at the prompt as root:

dhcpcd eth1

...where eth1 would be your ethernet card attached to the cable modem.
You wont need to know anything about the ISP (DNS and all are automatically


if your ISP is running NT... try ->   dhcpcd -r eth1

lee wrote:

> >
> > there are tons of them and while i'm pluggin in what I think? is right
> >
> > i'm not sure.....besides i can't "activate" the darn thing!!!!!!!!
> well i did find a site (dhcp mini-howto ) that seems to suggest that for
> my hardware combo that i need no settings other than the dns
> #'s........then it mentions use of pump as opposed to dhcp.......
> dhcp wan't working so i tried the pump stuff where you have to edit
> /sbin/ifup and another ifup somehwhere......sorry can't recall its
> location at moment i'm in windows as my local IPS is also down due to
> cut maintrunk.....ha what a night :)LOL
> so after all edited i did from console:
> /sbin/ifup eth0
> well it thought about it but failed to connect........
> BUT this time when i tried going to netscapes site it thought about it
> instead of saying can't find.......hmm
> anyway.......any help appreciated.........SMC8432BTA etherpower card
> with 3com homeconnect modem.....
> thanks :)
> lee
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