gnomecc setting handler bug?


Try this:

1. Lanuch gnomecc.

2. Select "URL Handlers"

3. Make sure "default" is selected in the list

4. Change the handler for anything else different, like
'gnome-help-browser "%s"'

5. Press "Set"

6. Press "Try"

7. Launch a program which uses gnome_url_show(), like SlashApp applet, and
test it clicking on one notice.

8. See how the new handler is _not_ taken by gnome_url_show().

9. Close the launched browser window.

10. In gnomecc, press "Ok".

11. Close SlashApp and relaunch it and test it clicking on one notice.

12. Now gnome_url_show() takes the new handler.

Is this a bug or a feature?


Name:  Arturo Tena
email: arturo directmail org
ICQ:   63292893

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