printing GnomeCanvas

Hi all,

Can anyone give me pointers to info on the best way to print a GnomeCanvas
object?  I've scanned the header files hoping for something like
gnome_canvas_ouput_postscript(Gnome_Canvas *canvas, FILE *file). 
Evidently, that would be way too easy.  I've also checked gnome_print's
header files for something like gnome_print_render_canvas(...).  Silly,
naive me.  I expect the real answer to my question will be painful and
long, so I'd settle for just a pointer in the right direction.  I just need
to get the user-modified canvas on paper, as-is.  I'm pretty new to
rendering graphics in code, but I've had good success getting gnomecanvas
to do what I want.  Thanks for any help!


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