Deprecating MIME code in gnome-libs?

As you know, the MIME database code from gnome-libs 1.x was some time
ago cloned into gnome-vfs so it could be updated for gnome-vfs &
Nautilus's uses without having to revise gnome-libs constantly.
Eventually perhaps it should be moved into its own module, but that's
another topic.

One of the leftover tasks from that ancient migration is in my bug list,
staring at me annoyingly every day. It's "deprecate old gnome-libs MIME
code". The gnome-libs MIME code has already been removed from gnome-libs
HEAD (2.x). I would like to do whatever other useful steps to prevent
people from accidentally depending on the older gnome-libs MIME code
instead of the newer MIME code currently in gnome-vfs.

Should I add "deprecated" comments to the tops of each relevant .c & .h
file? Should I add "deprecated" g_warnings to key bottleneck functions?
Is there anything else useful I could do? Should I just leave it alone
since it's already gone in 2.x?

Advice appreciated,


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