Downloaded some themes, now I can't startx

Hey guys,

I downloaded some enlightenment themes and then tried
them out. All appeared to be fine. I crashed once
because I tried a wrong version of a theme, but then
deleted that.
I had to reboot my computer, everything was fine.
But, I wanted to see if a user account could have
access to the themes (which by the way it doesn't.
Anyone know why?) so I rebooted again. I got the
following error when I tried to startx

-FontTransSocketUNIXConnect:can't connect: errno = 111
failed to set default font path 'unix/:-1'
Failed server error:
could not open font 'fixed'

Any clues? I didn't change anything. It shouldn't be
with the themes I downloaded. Even if I move them
somewhere, it still won't start. This is frustrating
as hell, so any help would be greatly appreciated.


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