RE: a new problem with the panel

Howdy Patrick

mmm sounds like it could maybe be a problem with the vert & horizontal rates
on the screen..
when you run the X setup you can specify a card and monitor.... check that
the vert/hori rates 
are the correct ones ( you should have the rates in the monitor manual)

Other than that I cant think of anything else.....



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Subject: a new problem with the panel

hi, i'm just getting started with linux, but from an hour's reading
of this list's archives, it seems to me that my problem is a new one (tho
panel problems in general seem to be old hat).  

i've got GNU running on my dell laptop, and my XF86Config seems to be
working fine, except that the panel _flickers_ at the bottom of the
screen.  sometimes it disappears for awhile, then it comes back, but only
as a flickering light gray rectangle- no menu items, no foot shaped like a
G.  i really think that menu would be valuable, so i'd like to have it
around.  i've tried entering "panel" at the bash prompt, but i get a
segmentation fault.  which doesn't seem too good.  anyone have an idea of
what could be going on here?

one possibly related problem is that apmd (advanced power
management) setup fails during the linux boot.  maybe someone knows why
this would happen, and if it's related to the panel problem.  

thanks in advance for any help you all can provide.


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