Re: a new problem with the panel

> i've got GNU running on my dell laptop, and my XF86Config seems to be
> working fine, except that the panel _flickers_ at the bottom of the
> screen.  sometimes it disappears for awhile, then it comes back, but only
> as a flickering light gray rectangle- no menu items, no foot shaped like a
> G.  i really think that menu would be valuable, so i'd like to have it
> around.  i've tried entering "panel" at the bash prompt, but i get a
> segmentation fault.  which doesn't seem too good.  anyone have an idea of
> what could be going on here?

The gnome panel is session managed with the "respawn" flag, meaning that
if the panel dies, it is automatically respawned. I think your
"flickering panel" is actually the panel dying and restarting over and
over again. Starting panel from the terminal and getting a segfault
complies with this theory.

Please provide more details about your system - what version of gnome,
which distribution, etc. Before anything else, try installing the latest
stable version (if it isn't already).

> one possibly related problem is that apmd (advanced power
> management) setup fails during the linux boot.  maybe someone knows why
> this would happen, and if it's related to the panel problem.  

I don't think that has anything to do with your problem.

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