Re: Problem with "gnome-terminal --geometry"

On 28 Dec, Tobias Weber wrote:

> I have a starter "gnome-terminal -e mc -t
> "Midnight" --geometry=90x35+130+100". The menubar is hidden in
> .gnome/Terminal. The problem is that I have to right-click the window
> and switch on the menubar to get my geometry!

The starter worked with v1.2, now it's 1.2.1.

> I suspect Sawfish's "Remember window sizes" rather than Gnome, any way
> to disable that for one class of windows only?

Disabled that for some other reason, still doesn't work. The size of the
last terminal window seems to have priority over --geometry, although I
don't know where it's stored...

Do I have to use "terminal classes"?

  Tobias Weber

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