Re: Icons are missing from panel

On 30 Dec, Eric Goforth wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'm using Gnome/Sawfish on RH7.0.  What's the thing called on the panel
> that looks sort of like a Status dock?  I've mistakenly deleted it from
> my panel.  Now I don't see an icon on my panel for each application that
> I have open.  How do I get it back?

There is an applet called 'Status Dock', but it only holds status
applets ala the WinDOS system tray. (BTW it *does* grab the system tray
icons created by WinDOS apps running under Wine . . .)

However, perhaps what you really want is the tasklist?

> With Gnome/Sawfish Is there any way
> with Gnome to minimize icons to my desktop instead?

Yes, you need xiconic. Check out the Sawfish software map @ for this and other great
modules/lisplets for sawfish.

However, be aware that while xiconic does grab the default icon
specified by an application, it does not parse GNOME's .desktop files
for icon specifications. You'll probably have to specify some icons
manually via Matched Windows in the sawfish configurator.

Xiconic does not yet manage icon positions separately--they are managed
as regular windows (which means that DeskGuide's task list will show 2
instances of each minimized app . . .) This also means that neither
Nautilus nor gmc will manage these icons as part of the desktop . . . :(

Also, I personally have not yet figured out how to make the icons sticky
w/o making the application sticky. If I pull up a minimized app in a
different workspace via DeskGuide or Tasklist, it appears as expected,
but when re-iconified, the icon appears on the original desktop, not the
current one.

But I *do* use it--I even included special support for xiconic in the
most recent release of my AquaX theme (which is still available on
t.o--the only one removed per Apple's request was the AquaX-GTK theme)

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