Re: More Red Carpet and other probs...

Michael Weichert <mweichert bmts com> writes:

> Red Carpet is downloading packages that I already have installed! Also, Red
> Carpet can't install the rpms I download because it says that it has to
> remove gal-0.5_helix.rpm or something very similar to that which Red Carpet
> requires???? I think that Red Carpet needs a lot of work done. Also, I have
> to keep using the pause/resume button because after a certain percentage of
> completion, their will be no activity until I press pause. 
> Anyways, I left Red Carpet on last night to update everything and nothing
> got updated (that I can tell) but somethings got removed and now I have a
> very unstable system!

I have found red-carpet to be quite nice, but of course not completed
as its beta status and .9 version number suggest.

My key machine is my laptop on which all my personal files reside.  I
have not run red-carpet on this machine.

I have three desktops (home and two offices) at which I sit and work
(accessing files from my laptop).  Two of these are running redhat 7
and I have run red-carpet on both.  There are definite dependency
checking problems (which have been acknowledged) for which I expect a
fix fairly soon.  (I read of other problems, but have not hit them.)
I did find that after I used red-carpet to install
gnome 1.4 (a beta installer installing a beta release) the dependency
problems became less severe.  About the only thing remaining is that I
can't install xmorph, libgtop-examples or mod_php from the rh7 channel
without causing trouble.

I have never had a problem with the connection (indeed, I didn't know
there was a pause/resume button :-) ).  I often get a few megabits per
second from home (cable modem) and 10 megabits per sec at NYU.

I find red-carpet much more convenient than my semi-automatic
mirroring of redhat's errata site via wget and will soon abandon the

In summary, I believe red-carpet is a valuable tool, one I am
glad to help test.  Although not ready for prime time at the present,
it is quite stable for a first beta and I believe it will become
popular this spring as its stability improves.


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