Re: mail client for Gnome

Evolution is designed to do everything you just mentioned, you can find
it at

I would say that Evolution's IMAP is probably the best IMAP
implementation used by any GNOME mailer currently, so if IMAP is what
you want then this is definetely for you.


On 27 Feb 2001 06:54:20 -0500, fheitka attglobal net wrote:
> In <20010227052538 00BE92DD58 mail gnome org>, on 02/27/01 
>    at 12:18 AM, "Charlie Schmidt" <ishamael themes org> said:
> >-
> >>  
> >>  can anyone recomend a good GUI mail client for Gnome?
> Is there a GUI mail client that understands unix mailboxes,
> sendmail, deliver, and so forth, but also POP, IMAP, and
> can understand rudimentary html; enough to allow clicking
> on links to bring up a web browser? Also, I like the feature
> that allows right clicking on an email address to add it to
> your address book.   Lastly, the client has to be sufficiently
> multithreaded so that cut and paste can be accomplished between various
> windows/views.
> Fred
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