Re: mail client for Gnome

On Tue, 27 Feb 2001 06:54:20 fheitka attglobal net wrote:
>Is there a GUI mail client that understands unix mailboxes,
>sendmail, deliver, and so forth, but also POP, IMAP, and
>can understand rudimentary html; enough to allow clicking
>on links to bring up a web browser? Also, I like the feature
>that allows right clicking on an email address to add it to
>your address book.   Lastly, the client has to be sufficiently
>multithreaded so that cut and paste can be accomplished between various

  Balsa <>

If you can get gtkhtml working on your machine, Balsa will do everything you
listed. The address import is implemented as a shortcut key "(S)tore
address" or as a menu selection "Message -> Store address". Balsa also
support LDAP and uses your GnomeCard address book.

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