I'm having a little problem that I posted to the xfree list but they
suspect gdm:

> > I cannot set LD_LIBRARY_PATH in ~/.bash_profile on RH 6.2. I have an
> > _almost_ identical machine at work that does not have this problem. The
> > difference between these two machines is that the machine with the
> > problem is running XFree86 4.0.2 and the Matrox G450 beta driver.
> As an XFree86 developer I'd say it has nothing to do with us, but X
> is almost certainly involved somewhere.
> There must be some subtle difference in the start up scripts,
> which are many and various, and a nightmare for even the experienced.
> I'm guessing that gdm is giving you a non-login shell, which thus
> reads ~/.bashrc but not ~/.bash_profile. I've been caught by that so much

Could installing X 4.0.2 over gdm from RH 6.2 result in LD_LIBRARY_PATH
getting zapped in some scripts somewhere?


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