RE: Red Carpet Problem...


The rpm format changed at some point (I'll say 4.x but I think
there are some nuances I'm missing). RPM 4.x handles both 3.x
and 4.x rpms and is in 4.x format. So it would seems that a
3.x version of RPM can not install it. So to prevent a solutionless
chicken and egg problem Red Hat made the last version 3.x rpm
able to install the 4.x RPM program. 

I would have thought that red carpet would handle this but
oh well. IF you want to be nice fill a bug report. In 
the mean time Download the latest 3.x rpm of RPM. I think
its rpm-3.0.6 or 3.07. But if your get the latest you'll be safe
and install it manually  i.e  rpm -U rpm-3.0.6.

The red carpet can should then be able to install rpm 4.0.4 or 
you can do that one manually too.

> Hi,
> I am using Red hat 7.0, and Helix Gnome 1.2 with most of the latest
> updates. Anyways, when I ever I attempt to update my system using Red
> Carpet 0.9, it immediately starts downloading rpm-4.0-4.rpm 
> or something
> like that. For some reason, this package will not install on 
> my system. It
> says that this package can not be installed because rpm 4.0 
> or greater must
> already be installed, which it is!
> Thanks,
> MwWizard
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